Lightened Up Stracciatella Gelato Recipe

I hope you had a fun filled 4th and are enjoying the summer. Today we decided to make the ultimate summer recipe - ice cream. Homemade ice cream is so much fresher and tastier than store-bought, and being able to control the ingredients that go into your recipe is an added bonus. I used a combination of organic cane sugar and stevia, but you could use coconut sugar, maple syrup... whatever you like! And the same goes for the milk... whole, low-fat, goats milk... they all work. We started by making a plain vanilla ice cream recipe, and at the last minute I got a major hankering for stracciatella. If you haven't had stracciatella gelato before, you're in for a real treat when you try this recipe. I fell in love with stracciatella at Gelateria delle Carrozze. I think I ate one every day for months on end. Because that is what one must do to really immerse herself in Italian culture, of course.  Unlike regular chocolate chips, the fine chocolate shavings in stracciatella gelato just melt in your mouth. 

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Description: Lightened Up Stracciatella Gelato Recipe
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